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Youth Culinary Program

California Culinary Arts Institute’s now offers a new youth culinary education program for ages between 10 – 16 for individuals who want to learn and advance their culinary and cooking knowledge. 


The Youth Culinary Program is offered on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 9:00am 2:00pm.


This program is a fifty hours in length and provides the applicants the foundation, technical skills, and methods of cooking the ingredients to their best outcome in order to create a nutritious and delicious dish. 




Knife skills (How to work and cut safely with knife, classical cut)


Starch cookery: 

Stock and Mother Sauces.

Cooking different method of Rice (Steam, Pilaf, Boiling and Risotto)

Cooking different method of potato (Cream potato, Herb Roast Potato, Potato au Gratin, Lyonnais potato)

Cooking different method of vegetables (Sauté vegetable, Steam vegetable, Braising vegetable)


The candidates will be making entrée as they learn different methods of cooking.


The candidate will get copy of recipes; however, we suggest that the candidates purchase their own textbook for more variety and practice more and different recipes from their textbook.


The textbook for this class is “On Cooking, 7th edition”.


The candidate will get one apron and two towels as part of their tuition.

The tuition for this class is $1,200.00.