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Learn the Art and Craft
of Fine Commercial Cooking
and Baking at CCAI
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Welcome to
California Culinary Arts Institute!

We are a sought-after resource for education and expert, hands-on training to launch or enhance successful careers as chefs and baking and pastry professionals.

Complete with commercial kitchens and comfortable classrooms, our staff of seasoned, certified culinary instructors is eager to inspire, explain, demonstrate and provide intense one-on-one supervision for culinary enthusiasts eager to learn by doing. Providing expert guidance, our instructors are patient, passionate and fully dedicated to sharing hard-earned industry wisdom and essential commercial kitchen skills and menu-enhancing strategies.

Public Cooking Classes


Typical day of multi-faceted learning at the Institute

To maximize student learning, instructors always arrive early to prepare the classrooms and kitchens so teaching can begin “on the dot” at the time scheduled.

With foundational material fresh in their minds,  students begin work in the kitchen, supplied with that day’s ingredients and all  necessary pots, pans and other tools. Under close guidance, students prepare meals and hone their craft, making newly-learned professional skills their own.
After students finish cooking or baking that day’s food,  they plate it  and present it to instructors for evaluation and one-on-one feedback.

Culinary Certificate Program Offers Wide Spectrum Expertise And Training

The Culinary Arts Classes are intensive three weeks classes covering essential culinary themes and professional skills for preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 

Nutritional awareness and all necessary kitchen skills are applied to mastering a full spectrum of stocks, sauces, soups, starch cookery, meat and seafood cookery, vegetarian menus, salads—with recipes drawn from domestic and international cuisine. 

Baking And Pastry Certificate Program Provides Broad Based Knowledge And Skills

The Baking and Pastry Classes are an intensive Four weeks classes covering beginning and advanced yeast-based artisan bread and rolls, pastry doughs and batters, breakfast pastries, quick breads, filled and assembly cakes and torts, wedding cakes, cookies, custards, creams ,mousses and soufflés, icing, glazes and sauces, frozen desserts, pies, tarts and fruit desserts.

Students' Testimonials